Could You Ditch Your Desk?


Remote working is one thing – but the latest trend to hit the world of work is the desk-less office. Could you – and would you – ditch your desk?

It started with hot-desking. This increasingly popular practice is already doing away with assigned desks in corporate offices and turning us all into nomadic workers in our own workplaces.

So is the next step to do away with the desks entirely? Some seem to think so.

One coworking centre in Australia has already launched a desk-less environment where workers can slouch down on comfy sofas to do their work. The centre has been purposely designed to have a homely feel – after all, since we spend so many hours in the office, why not enjoy the same home comforts here too? That, at least, is the logic behind the design.

And in many ways it makes sense. After all, given the number of us who use laptops and mobile devices to do our daily work, do we really need a desktop anymore?

For business owners, going desk-less is also a big money saver, allowing them to rent less business space and even allowing employees to work from home.

However, ditching the desk also means having less structure to the working day – both physically and literally.

It’s much easier to lose things – whether it’s paperwork, a mobile phone or even a laptop – if you don’t have a fixed base from which to work. Mobile devices in particular are much more likely to go missing on the move than they are in the office.

There is also the psychological aspect of desk ownership which shouldn’t be overlooked. Having a permanent base to call their own will help employees to feel a sense of belonging and security, which in turn is more likely to result in them being invested in the business.

Furthermore, have you ever noticed how sitting at a desk instantly makes you feel more business-like and work-ready? A desk acts as a fixed, formal workspace; even without you realising it, it sends the signal to your brain that it’s time to shift into professional mode.

And here’s the interesting thing: while some workers are ditching the desk in favour of more casual workspace, others are going to the other extreme and investing in luxury, state-of-the-art desks with everything from built-in tech to handcrafted, artisan design. Perhaps desk-less isn’t the future of working after all.

What do you think? Is the desk vital to your business operations or would you consider ditching it for sofa-working?

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