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Office Workers: 5 Reasons You’re Secretly Glad Summer is Almost Over

18th August 2014

Psst… we’ll let you in on a little secret. Summer’s not all it’s cracked up to be, especially if you work in an office. Here are five reasons to rejoice that autumn is on its way.

5 Ways Visitors Are Judging Your Office

13th August 2014

There’s no avoiding it: first-time visitors to your office are judging everything from your receptionist manners to the noise volume. Now’s the time to feel self-conscious and make sure your office makes the right first impression.

Could You Ditch Your Desk?

4th August 2014

Remote working is one thing – but the latest trend to hit the world of work is the desk-less office. Could you – and would you – ditch your desk?

Unrealistic Deadlines? Your Boss’s Perception of Time May Be to Blame

28th July 2014

Here’s some disheartening news for overworked office workers everywhere: your boss thinks they have more time than you. More precisely, according to the study by academics at the University of California at Berkeley, those with more money and more power were more likely to underestimate the amount of time it would take to complete specific […]

3 Summer Office Sins to Avoid

21st July 2014

Summer is finally here but while you’re busy basking in the thirty-degree heat, remember that the sunnier months also bring some seasonal office issues to avoid. Luckily, we’re here to help.

“No” – It’s the New Office Buzzword

15th July 2014

We’ve had “idea showers” and “joined up thinking”. We’ve been “blue sky thinking” and “reinventing the wheel” for years. In more recent times we’ve “interfaced” with our colleagues and even taken discussions “offline”. But now two little letters could be the new office buzzword. Here’s why saying “no” is the new “thinking outside the box”.

Onesie Days & Standing Desks: Office Perks Less Ordinary

7th July 2014

Back in the day, “perks of the job” meant a company car, a healthy bonus scheme and an endless supply of premium coffee. Not anymore. Thanks to Silicon Valley trailblazers like Google, companies are getting increasingly creative with their office perks.

Work-Life Blend or Work-Life Blur?

30th June 2014

According to the experts, work-life balance is over and work-life blending is the future of work. Or should that be blur?

Coworking at the Shops: Will it Work?

23rd June 2014

Serviced office giant Regus and British Land have joined forces to launch coworking spaces across the UK’s shopping centres – but will this concept catch on?

4 Reasons SMEs Choose Flexible Office Space

17th June 2014

Flexible office space has long been a popular choice among the UK’s many and varied SMEs. We explore four reasons why…